Tembleques Complete Set

Juego-EmpolleradaA full set of Tembleques is typically used to complement the Panamanian Pollera headdress. Since this is an art there are not specific rules of how to make a tembleque set because it is the artisan imagination, inspiration and craft that creates them, but they should be worn in specific positions on the empollerada head and that should be respected.

Typically a complete set of tembleques is all white and may vary in shape, size and brightness. We make these tembleques in two variations:


  • White Crystal Set: This is a set of 20 pieces set with White beads and plastic transparent litmus beads that add extra brightness to the set, this creates the sparkling effect when light hits any of the transparent beads.

The time to make any of these sets is 2 months because all of them are made from zero but we also have sets in stock in our Store section of this site, if you are interested in ordering a customized tembleques set or get more information of one of these sets just contact us via our contact form located in this link.

Current Prices:

White Crystal Set: $400.00 USD + Shipping