Single Tembleque

Pavo-Real-PageSingle tembleques are an option for the person that is not needing to wear a complete set of tembleques, typically these are used when attending an event in where you will like to have a representation of the Panamanian folklore.

You can wear this type of tembleque almost with any type of clothing, from a stylized typical dress to a basquiña with  jeans or black pants because there is not a specific rule for using them. These tembleques could be a single piece as the one you see in the picture to a more complex design that can be formed up to six different pieces to make a bigger adornment.

We offer a variety of styles, sizes and colors of single tembleques that you can find in our store section of this site or if you want a custom type you can always contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with it.

Current Prices:

Single White Tembleque with Crystals 5″: $75.00 USD + Shipping
Single White Tembleque with Crystals 7″: $95.00 USD + Shipping