Color Tembleques

color tembleques setColor Tembleques are the tembleques used typically with the “Pollera Montuna Santeña” or “Zaraza” when is not using a hat. Recently there are other regions in Panama that are incorporating the use of Color Tembleques with variations of the Pollera Blanca, Pollera from the Cocle region and Customized Polleras made for “Folkloric Ballets”.

These tembleques are made from colored and semi-transparent beads where the base color is green(leaves) and form there other colors are combined to create a beautiful garden. We can find tembleques made of only one color like the ones used with the “Pollera Tireada” which is a contemporary pollera that is adopted mostly by the people of the capital city of Panama. Other variation is the style called “Pimpollos” that basicially are the same type of tembleque with the difference that it incorporates silk inserts to cover the leaves and to create some flowers.

The set of Colored Tembleques that we make consist of 20 pieces that are 4 large, 2 medium, 6 small and 8 fillers called “Jazmines”

The color combination is up to the taste of the person that is going to wear them, but is is recommended to chose colors that match some of the colors of the “Zaraza Skirt” in the case of the Montuna.

We can make a set of these tembleques in approximately one month, but we also have some of them ready to ship in our store section of this site.

Current Price:

Complete set: $325.00 USD + Shipping