About Us

We are a family operated business located in Panama City, Panama.

Our_short Story
(A short Story)

In 1994 my wife and I had the idea of promoting our folklore overseas when we were recently married, we always talked about finding the way to take our folklore outside Panama and share our traditions with the world and why not making a living from it. At the time we had no experience as business entrepreneurs, no cash, no support not even our own home, we just had our dream!

Our initial attempts to get financial support to buy some Polleras, drums and Tembleques to start the business were unsuccessful because most of the financial institutions required a “Warranty” to back up the funds and we just had us and a dream. We kept on with our lives, my wife was the main singer of a local band who played in private parties and festivals, I was the sound engineer for the Toby Muñoz Orchestra, she had to leave the job because she was pregnant of our first daughter and I took a “stable job” in a local store of Musical Instruments as a repair technician and after that I have worked with three Large Corporations in the technological field and Orisleyla recently finished a project as a Heavy Equipment Operator for the Panama Canal Expansion.

My wife is from Las Tablas in the Azuero region and she grew up in the middle of Tamboritos, Polleras and Music but I didn´t know even how to dance! But every fiber in my body has always been compelled to the “Tipico” and all topics related to the Panamanian folklore so everything around us acted as reminders of our dream but we were reluctant due to our past experiences.

One day I was invited by a friend to a “webinar” which is an online seminar, it was called “Adwords 2.0” they talked about Google adwords, search engine optimization and another myriad of terms that I didn´t know at the time, but there was one statement that captured my attention, it was “You don´t have to be a programmer to sell products on the internet” you just need a computer and Internet access, I told myself I have both and I am not making a penny out of it!

Eight months after that experience, working hard and studying we launched for the first time www.panamafolkdress.com in January 2010. We offer to the world an online store in which they can order a Pollera, Montuno, Drums and Photograph services dressed with a Pollera if you visit Panama. After that we have launched other sites like www.panamapollera.com, www.1thingtodoinpanama.com and recently www.panamafolktembleques.com that is a site dedicated to promote exclusively Tembleques.

MaritzaWe run this business 100% virtual with the exception of the local promotional tours and marketing where we have the support of our daughter Hillary who is the face and official model of Panamafolkdress.com. She combines her studies with the business responsibilities with the same commitment and dedication that we put in to it, and that is the best part of all this. We are teaching our children how to become better individuals, to go after their dreams and to not let anybody tell them that they can´t do something – not even us! – Hillary has the goal of becoming an entrepreneur and to study Computer Science.

We have the support of several artisans and experts that provide guidance and advice regarding the precision, style and value of our folklore, but there is one person that without support we wouldn´t be able to start and that is Orisleyla´s mother Maritza, she has been with us since the beginning and today is one of the hands that produces these beautiful dresses and accessories. Maritza is dedicated to her home and to sew her imagination over the fabric with style, precision and love.

We are so grateful of our Lord that have guided us for more than 14 years of the initial step up to today and see our dream come true. I have danced in a group, learned how to play Caja, Repicador and Pujador (Drums) and the most important aspect, we have work together, built common friendships, and found more time to spend with our three children. Today, we have
more options for really living our lives.

Thank You!

Orisleyla & Jose Angel