Set of White Tembleques
Complete set made with Crystals inserts and white beads, all 20 pieces are combine to create a unique look and style.

Fine Materials
We only use the best materials available in the market, that way we can guarantee they will last!

Authentic from Panama
All of our creations are made by Panamanian artisans with years of experience.

Order On-Line
You can order any tembleque on-line, just contact us.

Color Peacock
Individual piece part of a Color Complete Set

Individual Color
Individual filler part of the Color Set

A piece of Panama´s Folklore On-Line!

Set of Tembleques

Typically a complete set of tembleques are all white and may vary in shape, size and brightness. We make these tembleques in two variations.

Single Tembleque

Single tembleques are an option for the person that is not needing to wear a complete set of tembleques,

Color Tembleques

Color Tembleques are the tembleques used typically with the "Pollera Montuna Santeña" or "Zaraza" when is not using a hat.